Date: May 14 to 16, 2019
May 14 - Workshop Day
May 15 & 16 – Main Event

Venue: São Paulo, Brazil


Inspiration, knowledge, and effective networking are highlights of the International Compliance Congress organized by LEC, the largest and most important compliance event in Latin America.

It is a must-go occasion for experts from around the world, who get together in São Paulo every year, in May, to discuss new challenges facing the field.

In 2018, the Congress was attended by 724 professionals. In its 7th edition, more than 1,000 people are expected to attend the 3-day event in 2019.

This year again you can choose what to watch between simultaneous presentations, organized by learning tracks. You will have the opportunity to create your own schedule to enjoy a unique and truly transformative experience.

On the Workshop Day, the first day of the event, 15 topics carefully selected by the Congress Organizing Committee will be addressed with a hands-on approach in 5 rooms simultaneously

In each room, experts will share knowledge and techniques on how to overcome the challenges of implementing and managing effective compliance programs.

The following two days are dedicated to the Main Event, focused on the key challenges to developing a compliance culture in Brazil and Latin America. Leading Brazilian and international names will provide latest updates, rich content, and significant insights into trends and prospects for compliance in 2019 through panels, talks, and interviews with experts, authorities, and journalists.

Take this unique journey with LEC Community to meet new professionals, strengthen relationships, build partnerships, and develop your career and business.

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The Congress attracts professionals from many different industries, such as lawyers, CFOs, CEOs, CTOs, controllers, auditors, consultants, public servants, HR, supply, and internal control team members, as well as, of course, compliance officers, who return to the event every year.

Most of the content is general in scope and applies to all industries, especially including:





Trade Finance

Investment Fund








1. Inspiration
Inspiring discussions, talks, interviews, and panels. You will have access to international compliance cases and trends presented by leading market players and will achieve important insights that can be immediately applied to your daily life.

2. Knowledge
Constant updating is a challenge for an effective compliance program and consequently a commitment assumed by professionals in the field. Many companies have chosen to bring entire teams to the Congress for retraining and knowledge (Please check our group registration policy.)

3. Networking
A unique opportunity to effectively expand your contact network, share experiences, and close deals. You will be side by side with all the leading players in the compliance industry in Brazil and a number of international guests.


Events like the one organized by LEC this year help support the movement towards integrity in our country as it opens up the debate to the various players in the Compliance universe and promotes an enriching exchange of experiences and good practices, in addition to warning about new risks and bad practices that may arise. I congratulate LEC for the organization and I hope to see more and more initiatives like this across Brazil!
Roberta Codignoto - Head of Legal & Compliance Latam na Staples
Due to its magnitude, relevance of the topics addressed, and massive attendance, LEC Congress is for Brazil comparable to what the FCPA Conference in Washington represents internationally.
Salim Saud - Founding Member of Saud Advogados law firm in cooperation with Hughes, Hubbard & Reed LLP
LEC is always seeking to inform – with its magazine and blog, to educate – with its wide range of courses, and to gather – with community and events, and the Compliance Congress is the culmination of this philosophy. It gathers hundreds of compliance and law professionals in Brazil to discuss relevant topics for Brazilian companies and supports the exchange of experiences that may be directly applied. Size does not mean quality, but in the case of LEC Congress, quality led to the huge size, which is an indication of the relevance and quality of each session, panel, and workshop in the congress.
Alexandre C. Serpa - CCEP, CFE - LACan Regional Compliance Head
Since 2013, I have participated in the international congresses organized by LEC - Legal, Ethics & Compliance, which have become increasingly better every year and are already part of the calendar for the Brazilian compliance community. It is a unique opportunity to not only learn the ultimate and latest in compliance practices and techniques from around the world, but also for top quality networking. The event, therefore, is indispensable for all practitioners in the field and also for those planning to enter this market.
Marcelo Zenkner - Public Prosecutor and former Secretary of Control and Transparency of the State of Espírito Santo
I had the pleasure and honor to participate briefly in LEC Congress in 2017. SECONT/ES was then awarded the title of best Brazilian public institution in controlling and fighting corruption. I was able to verify the quality of the debates and how deeply compliance topics are covered by the event organizers and speakers. During this delicate period Brazil is going through, LEC has shed some light on measures that certainly can be good alternatives for Brazil’s profound ethical crisis; investing in integrity and preventive policies are just a few examples very well covered at LEC Congress.
Eugênio Coutinho Ricas - Director of Organized Crime Investigation and Enforcement in the Federal Police Department and former Secretary of Control and Transparency of the State of Espírito Santo
When I decided to participate in the 3rd International Compliance Congress, I had no idea it was the largest and most important event on the topic in Latin America. The best market players to discuss controversial points and necessary improvements, in addition to lots of benchmarking and networking. I recommend it to anyone wanting to be a successful compliance professional.
Matheus Cunha – Partner of T4 Compliance and former Associate Secretary of the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Office of the State of Mato Grosso