Fernando Cevallos

Managing Partner of F&C Consulting Group

Mr. Cevallos is the managing partner of F&C Consulting Group, the only Latin American firm specializing in Forensics and Compliance. He has over 20 years’ international experience working in forensic fraud, bribery, and corruption investigations, risk management, compliance, and ISO 37001. His career has progressed from consultant to partner at Big Four firms. Over the past 15 years, he has lived in 6 different countries - Ecuador, USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico - and has directed complex international projects in various industries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Mr. Cevallos has worked with U.S. monitors and regulators to assess the effectiveness of compliance programs, support cross-border investigations, and merger & acquisition transactions. He has led complex compliance projects and investigations involving several countries in different parts of the world. In Brazil, he was invited by leading compliance attorneys to join the team that commented on the current Brazilian anti-corruption law. In 2011, he created a master’s program at FIA-USP, Fraud and Compliance Risk Management, then the first in Brazil. In addition, from 2014 to 2016, Mr. Cevallos led and coordinated globally the communication committee of the ISO 37001 technical committee. He pioneered and developed a methodology for implementing this standard and was one of the Latin American leaders in the field advising on the implementation, operation, and auditing of the management system. He is currently LEC Partner in Mexico and created, in 2016, the first anti-corruption compliance certification in Latin America (CPC-A) through the best private university in Mexico, Tecnológico de Monterrey. Now more than 60 professionals have been trained in the field. Mr. Cevallos is the co-founder and Vice President of the Mexican Association of Ethics and Compliance Professionals (AMPEC).