Renata F. Andrade

Compliance Officer and Data Privacy Officer for Brazil at Willis Towers Watson

• Lawyer - Brazil and United States.
• Master from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Law, LLM-MLI USA (2006). Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences from the Law School of Mackenzie University (1989) and specialist in Government from Escola de Governo Prof. Fábio Konder Comparato (2000).
• Chair of the Anti-Corruption and Compliance Committee of OAB/SP Pinheiros. Expert in Anti-Corruption and Compliance, professor, holds seminars and active training, and consulting on Governance and Ethics, Compliance, Government Relations, Contracts, Risk Mitigation, Implementation of Compliance Programs under the Anti-Corruption Laws (FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery Act, and Brazilian Law 12846/2013), focusing on the review and continuous improvement of programs, systems, and procedures to mitigate legal, regulatory, and reputational risks. Professor in certificate programs at FECAP, LEC, IARC, and ESENI.
• Professor in LLM and Graduate programs at the Law Schools of FGV-Rio, Damásio-SP, and UNIFOR.
• Books published: Manual de Compliance IARC, 2017; O Combate à Improbidade Administrativa, Ed. Aufiero, 2018, Governança, Compliance e Cidadania, Ed.
Revista dos Tribunais, 2018, 20 anos da Lei de Combate à Lavagem de Dinheiro, Ed. Roncarati, 2017, and articles in LEC Magazine.
• Professor in certificate programs in Financial Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, and Regulated Market (RE) - Insurance at LEC and IARC.
• Compliance Officer and Data Privacy Officer for Brazil at Willis Towers Watson. Director of the Anti-Corruption Committee and Vice Chair of the Public Tender and Procurement Committee of the American Bar Association, International Law Section, Coordinator of the Financial Compliance Committee of LEC, and member of the Standing Compliance Studies Committee of IASP (Instituto dos Advogados de São Paulo).